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Design a Poster for the 2017 edition

Poster competition for the 29th edition 2017

No single image can do justice to the diversity of the festival. And our annual poster competition is a very visual way for you to participate. Each year we select one of the entries in our poster competition and use this as the image of the festival for the coming year.

Deadline of deposit of the proposals of posters: February 20, 2017 (edition 2017, 29th festival, 23th contest of poster)

Rules and Bulletin of participation (pdf)

Film submission

The 2016 selection is closed. See you in 2017.


The 2016 selection is closed. See you in 2017.

Write a Scenario

Cineffable regrets that we can only accept scenarios written in French. For further details, click on the french page.

Poster of the 28th Festival 2016
Poster designed by
Marion Jousse

Download here


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