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Cineffable has authorised the following medias and associations:

to shoot footage and carry out interviews at the 28th festival, in response to the wish of the new "Lesbian web television" to cover this important event in the lesbian calendar.

Everyone who is filmed (apart from global shots where identification is not possible) has to give her authorisation before her image is broadcast publicly, (via television, broadcast outside the family circle, internet) and the media have agreed to respect this rule.

More generally, modern techniques have multiplied the possibilities for photographing and filming and many of you immortalise these little collective events with the help of your mobile telephones. As long as you only use these private pictures privately, this poses no problem.

On the other hand when a public showing is envisaged, including via internet blogs - we ask you to respect the following rules.
- ask for Cineffable's
- inform each person who is filmed of the plans to use the images and get their written accord.

Cineffable can not be held responsible for the actions of festival goers who do not respect these rules.

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