Opening Night Concert of the 10th Festival 1998

Wednesday, October 28 - 7 P.M.

Belladona 9CH
© Cathy Peylan
Belladona 9CH group is a duo that smacks of heresy, as mind-blowing and challenging as Rita Mitsouko, whose influence these two razor-sharp-tongued women from Marseilles acknowledge.

Blending Dadaism and Expressionism, they have been touring Europe for 10 years with a techno-expressionist cabaret show with a saucy sense of humour.

They arrive at Cineffable with a repertoire that is both self-deprecating and sensual, opening our 10th edition with their new show, "rêves-errance" (errant dreams), in which they share the stage with a talented German drummer and friend.
The musicians: Michèle Coudriou, Agnès Royon-Lemée and Karine Liedl.

Belladona 9CH
© Cathy Peylan

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