Best Of Mixed - June 14-16, 2002

Best Of Mixed 2002

Flyer (PDF)

Program 1   -   friday 10 P.M., saturday 8 P.M. and sunday 2 P.M.

Chutney Popcorn

Exit, short fiction by Anna-Margarita Albelo *

Chutney Popcorn, feature film by Nisha Ganatra

* film director present

Program 2   -   saturday 4 P.M. and sunday 6 P.M.

Out: the Making of a Revolutionary

Portraits d'amour, short fiction by Anna Nemanic *

Girl Under the Table, short fiction by Dominique Zeltzman

No Comment, short fiction by Louise Lemoine-Torrès *

Bare, short fiction by Deborah Strutt

Out: the Making of a Revolutionary,
feature length documentary by Sonja de Vries * and Rhonda Collins

* film directors present

Program 3   -   friday 4 P.M., saturday 6 P.M. and sunday 8 P.M.

All Over Me

The Tell-Tale Vibrator, short fiction by Jill Chamberlain

All Over Me, feature film by Alex Sichel

Program 4   -   friday 6 P.M. and saturday 10 P.M.

2 secondes

Oral, short fiction by Colleen Ayoup

2 secondes, feature film by Manon Briand

Program 5   -   friday 8 P.M., saturday 2 P.M. and sunday 4 P.M.

Incidental Journey

Watching You, short fiction by Stephanie Abramovich

Incidental Journey, feature film by Chen Jo-fei

Program 6   -   sunday 10 P.M.

Venus Boyz


Venus Boyz, feature length documentary by Gabriel Baur

Practical information

Doors opening on Friday, June 14th at 4 P.M.
These screenings are open to all, male and female.

MK2 Hautefeuille
7, rue Hautefeuille - Paris 6e
Metro Saint-Michel (L4)

Best Of Mixed 2002


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