Best Of Mixed - June 13-15, 2003

Last year, more than a thousand people attended our compensatory screenings at the MK2 Hautefeuille despite scorching heat. As we do not change a good recipe, Cineffable prepares the 7th edition of "Best Of Mixed."

In program, the favorites of the audience and team of the 14th edition of festival "Quand les lesbiennes se font du cinéma": 4 feature films and 10 short and medium-length films, recent and all subtitled, with fictions, documentaries, animations and experimental films.

The "Best Of Mixed" is also an opportunity to meet with all film directors who came to present their films during a discussion with the audience.

See you soon!

Program 1   -   friday 6 P.M., saturday 8 P.M. and sunday 10 P.M.

A Family Affair

Ladies Tea, animation by Paula Durette

A Family Affair, feature film by Helen Lesnick

Program 2   -   friday 8 P.M., saturday 10 P.M. and sunday 2 P.M.

Rolling Blackouts

Rolling Blackouts, short fiction by Pamela S. Busch

Treading Water, feature film by Lauren Himmel

Program 3   -   friday 10 P.M., saturday 2 P.M. and sunday 8 P.M.

By Hook or by Crook

Watching Lesbian Porn, performance by Dayna McLeod

By Hook or by Crook, feature film by Harriet Dodge and Silas Howard

Program 4   -   saturday 6 P.M. and sunday 4 P.M.

Un Cirque à New York

Lesbian National Parks and Services: A Force of Nature,
short fiction by Lorri Millan et Shawna Dempsey

Un Cirque à New York, medium-length documentary by Frédérique Pressmann

Program 5   -   sunday 6 P.M.

He Zi

Bar Talk, short fiction by Cheryl Furjanic

He Zi, feature length documentary by Ying Weiwei

Program 6   -   saturday 4 P.M.

Hand on the Pulse

Pas trop près, short fiction by Murielle Iris

What's News: representations of Take Back the Night,
short documentary by Nikola Marin

Oni vsio zhe ulybaiutsia, short documentary by Irina Sizova

Hand on the Pulse, medium-length documentary by Joyce Warshow

Practical information

Doors opening on Friday, June 13th at 6 P.M.
These screenings are open to all, male and female.

MK2 Hautefeuille
7, rue Hautefeuille - Paris 6e
Metro Saint-Michel (L4)

Best Of Mixed 2003


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