Opening Night Concert of the 16th Festival 2004

Tuesday, October 28 - 7 P.M.

Les Fées Minées
An acoustic duo, with Soph la Soft on vocals and guitar, and Vero Zazou on accordion and vocals.

As experienced musicians working in a range of styles (folk, jazz, hardcore, punk, metal, song) and members of the groups "Gargoïl" and "Lysteria", this musical pair has woven all those different influences into a unique, "Rural Folk Anarko Queer" style.

Their concerts are an opportunity to spread their ideas, and to intertwine political issues with the poetry of little-known writers like Jules Laforgue and Clarissa Pinkola Estée, in which Russian rubs shoulders with English and French. The idea is to blow away all sorts of borders, including the ones in people's heads about gender and identity, which are based on conforming.

Words of yesterday and today get dissected in order to extract the hidden meaning that has influenced how people think, reinforcing reflexive discrimination that we are all the witnesses to and / or the vectors of.

The simplicity of the instruments (acoustic guitar, diatonic accordion) is reinforced by an energetic intensity in which waltz and punk meet. Binary and ternary succeed each other to underscore politically committed texts, address realistic subjects, tell stories, play with painful issues and spread news.

Les Fées Minées
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