Best Of Mixed - June 18-20, 2004

Best Of Mixed 2004 Join us to discover or see again movies screened nowhere else, the quintessence of the 15th edition of festival "Quand les lesbiennes se font du cinéma."

The program includes 13 feature films and 5 short and medium films, recent and subtitled. All genres are represented, fiction, comedy, more serious works, documentaries, animations and experimental films.

The "Best Of Mixed" will be also an opportunity to discuss with directors that will meet their audience.

And this year, a novelty!

Stay with us to share the "Nuit Mythique" of lesbian cinema, Saturday June 19th from midnight till dawn. A retrospective and a quirky look at some great classics of lesbian cinema.

... and breakfast at dawn!

Program 1   -   friday 6 P.M., saturday 2 P.M. and sunday 8 P.M.

Girl King

How Mermaids Breed, animation by Joan Ashworth

Girl King, feature film by Ileana Pietrobruno

Program 2   -   saturday 8 P.M. and sunday 6 P.M.

Fish and Elephant

Site, short experimental by Anne Golden

Fish and Elephant, feature film by Li Yu

Program 3   -   friday 8 P.M. and saturday 10 P.M.

The Politics of Fur

D.E.B.S., short fiction by Angela Robinson

The Politics of Fur, feature film by Laura Nix

Program 4   -   saturday 6 P.M. and sunday 4 P.M.

Going (and Coming) to Paris,
short documentary by Nikola Marin

What Are We Doing Tonight?,
short experimental by Marie Vermeiren

Alice, medium-length fiction by Sylvie Ballyot

Program 5   -   saturday 4 P.M.

Simon & I

Teaching Teo, short fiction by Diane Dodge

Simon & I, medium-length documentary
by Beverley Palesa Ditsie and Nicky Newman

Program 6   -   friday 10 P.M. and sunday 2 P.M.

The Ten Rules: a Lesbian Survival Guide

The Tampon Manual,
short experimental by Seong Saeron

No Dumb Questions,
short documentary by Melissa Regan

The Ten Rules: a Lesbian Survival Guide,
short fiction by Lee Friedlander

The "Nuit Mythique"

Saturday June 19th from midnight till dawn

Desert Hearts
Desert Hearts, feature film by Donna Deitch

Claire of the Moon, feature film by Nicole Conn

Lakme Takes Flight,
short fiction by Melina Young and Sheila James

M.U.F.F. Match, medium-length fiction by Julie Jenkins

Warning: The "Nuit Mythique" will take place at movie theater "Action Christine Odéon",
4 rue Christine (Paris 6)

Change of program: Lakme Takes Flight will be screened instead of The Joke previously announced

Practical information

Doors opening on Friday, June 18th at 6 P.M.
These screenings are open to all, male and female.

MK2 Hautefeuille
7, rue Hautefeuille - Paris 6e
Metro Saint-Michel (L4)

Best Of Mixed 2004


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