Best Of Mixed - June 18-19, 2005

Best Of Mixed 2005 The BOM BOM girls are pulling out the stops to cook up the 9th edition of the "Best Of Mixed" lesbian film festival, which this year will take place on June 18-19 at the MK2 Hautefeuille cinema in Paris.

The festival takes place at a time of lesbian and gay celebration, just one week before the annual gay pride march through Paris.

The festival will pack into 2 days 3 recent feature-length films and 8 medium and short length films. All will be subtitled, and emerged the favourites during voting by women who attended the lesbian film festival last year.

It will be a perfect opportunity to discover, or rediscover, great films which range from fiction to documentaries and cartoons. Comedies, dramas, horror films and romances, all are on the menu.

And of course there is the special screening on Saturday, June 18 from 8 p.m. to midnight, which will provide a four-hour binge of lesbian cinema!

Program 1   -   saturday 2 P.M. and sunday 4 P.M.

Butch Mystique

Sueño de una mujer despierta,
short fiction by Azucena De La Fuente

Novela, Novela, short documentary by Liz Miller

Butch Mystique,
medium-length documentary by de Debra A. Wilson

Program 2   -   saturday 4 P.M. and sunday 6 P.M.

Goldfish Memory

A Cow Walks into a Bar, animation by Allison Sweeney

Transit, short fiction by Kerry Weldon

Goldfish Memory, feature film by Liz Gill

Program 3   -   saturday 6 P.M. and sunday 8 P.M.


P-P-P-Pick-Up, short fiction by Alexandra Czok

Intentions, feature film by Luane Beck

Special Night of Screenings

Saturday, June 18th from 8 P.M. to midnight

Make a Wish

8 P.M. screening

Kaltes, Klares, Wasser,
short experimental by Jules Nurrish

Make a Wish, feature film by Sharon Ferranti
Thin Ice

10 P.M. screening

You Fake, short fiction by Maureen Bradley

Thin Ice, feature film by Fiona Cunningham Reid

Unique rate: 10 euros for complete evening

Practical information

Doors opening on Saturday, June 18th at 2 P.M.
These screenings are open to all, male and female.

MK2 Hautefeuille
7, rue Hautefeuille - Paris 6e
Metro Saint-Michel (L4)

Best Of Mixed 2005


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