Opening Night Concert of the 18th Festival 2006

Friday, October 27 - 7:30 P.M.

Opening the festival this year, an exceptional concert by Nawal, one of the most stunning women's voices from Africa.

From the Comoro Islands, Nawal is the first woman singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the islands to perform in public.

Between traditional and contemporary, her compositions are an acoustic roots-based fusion, a reflection of the diverse character of the Comoros and beyond. Indo-Arabian-Persian music meets Bantu polyphonies and rhythms mixed with Sufi trance.
Nawal sings mostly in Comorian (Shikomor) a language in the Swahili family, also with French, English and Arabic.
© 2005 AKWA Betote

With her on- and off-stage partner, percussionist Melissa Cara Rigoli, she is currently preparing her second album.

The festival concert will provide a sneak preview of their latest creations.

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