Opening Night Concert of the 19th Festival 2007

Wednesday October 31


CAE: the musical revelation of 2007

An accomplished singer-songwriter with Franco-Haitian roots, Cae (pronounced KÚ) has achieved notoriety as a professional singer and back-up singer on a variety of collaborations with different artists, including the popular singer TÚtÚ.

Now she lends her sublime voice to her own acoustic songs. Singing and playing herself the guitar, she leads us down colourful folkloric paths interwoven with sensual Soul, transmitting the noble heritage of all those who preceded her on this path, from Sweet Honey in the Rock to Tracy Chapman and Toto Bissainthe...


Women of yesterday and today, artistic women, women committed to the feminist cause and to defending their cultures... it is to them that Cae dedicates her action in the organisation Caona.

Surrounded by talented women, Cae is sure to be welcomed into the hearts of the audience at Cinef's opening night. A taste of her music available on

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