Debates and discussions at the 20th Festival - 2008

In connection with the films in the competition, these debates and discussions will provide occasions throughout the festival to comment on issues and events related to the films. The debates will feature film directors and/or other guest speakers.


All members are invited to come and share their ideas at these encounters.
For this 20th Festival, debates will be held at the Trianon.

Three time-slots have been reserved for debates and discussions during the festival:

Saturday 1st at 10:00 p.m.:
at The Trianon

Evolution of the representation of lesbian sexuality in cinema by and for lesbians
Sunday 2 at 12:30 p.m.: 
at The Trianon

It's Elementary: Talking about Gay Issues in School.
Monday 3 at 6:30 p.m.:
at The Trianon

The Festival - 20th edition
Evolution of the representation of lesbian sexuality in cinema by and for lesbians
Everything you've always wanted to know about lesbian porn but have been afraid to ask ! A debate about the evolution of the representation of lesbian sexuality in the cinema made by and for lesbians with the woman who play a part in the French porn scene today. Following the screening and including a Drag king fem show and a steamy reading.

Talking about homosexuality in school - is it really elementary ?
Debra Chasnoff's award winning 1996 documentary It's Elementary: Talking about Gay Issues in School and the follow-up 10 years later, It's STILL Elementary: The Movie and The Movement will be the base for this discussion and will allow to take a look at the situation in the French education system today. It's STILL Elementary will be screened on Friday Oct. 31st at 5:30pm in the Trianon. The debate will follow the screening of It's Elementary on Sunday, Nov. 2nd at 12pm in the Trianon.

The Festival - 20th edition
Join us for a discussion about Cineffable the years past and the years to come with former and current members of the festival organizing team. The discussion will follow 2 documentaries (Qu'est-ce que tu fais là ? and 20 ans plus tard les lesbiennes se font toujours du cinéma, et heureusement !) featuring interviews with festival-goers and team members past and present talking about their experience and what the festival means to them.

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