21st Festival 2009 - FSPACE 4
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This year, the curators decided to invite and focus on contemporary artists. For FSPACE 4, we chose to propose a Focus on artist-choreographer Cécile Proust and the videos in her Femmeuses series.
Another surprise is still under wraps.
Alongside this focus, 4 European projects were selected this year, all site-specific to FSPACE and the Trianon's architecture (video J.Hoepffner).
You'll notice the projects' political heft, as they explore a redefinition of identity and new experiences with the body. The Artist Astrid Breel is coming from London for one exceptional performances to share, to buy...
Sunday 1st November at 17:00 in "the islet FSPACE4" in the Winter Garden.


Cécile Proust, artist-choreographer, interrogates feminist thought, the construction of gender and sexual order. For femmeusesaction#18, "women have trouble staying the distance", she starting point is a conversation between a curator in a prestigious contemporary art space and two French artists. Cécile Proust hasn't changed an iota of the text of this scathing and hilarious work.
"Finally! Sublime! Sublime! Disturbing! Dripping! An astounding text left verbatim for us to hear". Elisabeth Lebovici.
femmeusesactions #18, les femmes ont du mal à tenir la distance/women have trouble staying the distance by de Cécile Proust + a vidéo premiere (video J.Hoepffner).
femmeusesactions #18, les femmes ont du mal à tenir la distance


Feminist Artist ( France)
La peau frontière/Skin border, Installation in situ
"Skin border" is an audio and visual installation that occupies the men's loo, a gendered space, belonging to the other: the scene of the crime. The sensation of sexist difference is the starting point for reflecting on masculine violence against women, particularly rape. It narrates a story of skins and borders, as symptomatic territories for expressing sexist hatred and domination, drawing parallels between the intimate/personal relationship to the other, and more generally to geopolitical borders. Her voice, like a tape unspooling, also describes the modifiability of borders, referring to breaking the cycle of violence, and to rebuilding oneself.
La peau frontière, Installation in situ

Panneaux toxiques, installation in situ

Elena García-Oliveros / TOXICLESBIAN Public Intervention Group (Spain)
Toxic signboards, in situ installation.
Set of removable vinyl adhesives.
Elena Toxica's artistic propos, or Toxic Lesbian's, as an "anonymous group composed of a varying number of lesbians", is to conquer unexpected spaces. The "Tales that don't count" toxic signboards deal with the psychiatrisation of women and lesbians as a form of control in Spain. "Femenino Visual 04: LesGay Lethal Legal", encourages debate about recent legislation allowing homosexual marriage and adoption in Spain. The project won the 2009 Madrid Town Hall Creation Award. The five signboards invite spectators to meet Elena Toxica and Toxic Lesbian on-line via You Tube Channels.


Artist (Austria / Slovenia)
Evelin Stermitz's work focuses on a media practice combining photography, video and installation. She is particularly interested in the articulation of the feminine and the social. Her projects generate reflections about gender, archetypes, role models and the fine line between male and female.
Rose is a rose, video ; 3’52
This performative video work reveals a woman whose face is covered with rose petals. Like a metaphor above and beyond the term "beauty", its fragility and its canons, the video reveals an obscure image of a woman, which is also shaped by the speed and the ephemeral character. Echoing this visual assemblage, a sound collage, and several phrases from Gertrude Stein's poem "Sacred Emily", "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.".
Rose is a rose, video ; 3'52

“Own me” Performance

My work is focussed on sociological and feminist explorations of sexual difference, particularly the visible and invisible signifiers of femininity and the performativity of gender, and the social restrictions of gender roles in modern society. For several years, my practice has been essentially performative, including interactive live art and installations. I am currently working on possible forms for the
“Own me” Performance
Sunday 1st November at 17:00
in "the islet FSPACE4" in the Winter Garden
The performance proposed for FSPACE 4 is an interactive creation entitled Own Me.
You are invited to select a square on my body you would like to own, and to decorate it in order to establish ownership. You will then receive a representation of the square which you will be invited to pin on, so that the audience will create a continuously evolving exhibit. Own Me explores notions of property, permission and voyeurism in the 21st century.

In partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum

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