Debates and discussions at the 22nd Festival - 2010

In connection with the films in the competition, these debates and discussions will provide occasions throughout the festival to comment on issues and events related to the films. The debates will feature film directors and/or other guest speakers.


All members are invited to come and share their ideas at these encounters.

Entrance to the following 2 events is free of charge for all members:

Monday 1 at 4 p.m.:
Rendez-vous at the Hall Bar
  40 years of MLF, lesbians' historic contribution

Tuesday 2 at 4 p.m.: 
Michèle Causse, a writer to read « In order to contradict her epitaph “Neither read, nor approved of” »

Mouvements de Presse40 years of MLF, lesbians' historic contribution

A mini-conference based on the posters from Press Movement: 1970 to the present - feminist and lesbian struggles by Michèle Larrouy and Martine Laroche. With Michèle Larrouy, Martine Laroche (unconfirmed) and Suzette Robichon, discussion and guided tour.

Archives Recherches Cultures Lesbiennes (ARCL) Web Site:

Michèle CausseMichèle Causse, a writer to read « In order to contradict her epitaph “Neither read, nor approved of” »

Michèle Causse systematically demanded recognition of her position as a radical lesbian. For her, a lesbian is « inaccessible, untouchable, inalienable, inappropriable... ». « A lesbian can't be a fiction, but a utopian and therefore political reality (.). Existing, for her, can not be imitation, because she alone must, (.) give birth to herself. ». (L'interloquée, Les oubliées de l'oubli, Dégénérée, Editions Trois, Québec, p. 51 and 60).

Suzette Robichon, editor of the revue Vlasta, revue des fictions et utopies amazoniennes (1983-1985) co-founded with Michèle Causse and Sylvie Bompis, will introduce Michèle's journey as a writer, translator and nomad.

Françoise Leclère author of IlliZible !, in which she provided keys for reading Michèle Causse's three novels: L'encontre, (               ) et Voyages de la Grande Naine en Androssie, will present Michèle’s books. « What I like best about it is its form, like a dialogue with the author. » -- - Biography of Suzette Robichon

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