Debates! - 23rd Festival 2011

In connection with the films in the competition, these debates and discussions will provide occasions throughout the festival to comment on issues and events related to the films. The debates will feature film directors and/or other guest speakers.
All members are invited to come and share their ideas at these encounters.

Like every year, and to the extent of what we can do to Espace Reuilly, Cineffable offers projections on the margins of a few meetings and discussions:

Sunday, October 30 at 16:00 - Room annex (details room at the festival)
When a woman says NO, is NO!
Monday, October 31 at 10:30 - Great Hall
Presentation TELEDEBOUT
Tuesday, November 1 at 16:30 - Room annex (details room at the festival)
Moving, in action

When a woman says NO, is NO!
Harassment, assault, RAPE... Lesbians and feminists united against the denial of justice for violence against women. Return on equity in recent months. Call for National protest against violence against women November 5, 2011. Debate on future actions and conduct during this election.
Speakers: Sandrine Goldschmidt of Festival Femmes en Résistance, representatives of Coordination Lesbienne en France (CLF), of Osez le féminisme (OLF) and of SOS Homophobia.

Presentation de TELEDEBOUT
The web-TV and feminist pedagogical just celebrated its ONE YEAR! Presentation of the site, and the video contest "Buzzons contre le sexisme", open to young people aged 10 to 22, who may have videos made with their class or in teams on the theme of equality between girls and boys and the fight against gender stereotypes. Info and registration:
During this presentation, a will be honored to
Danielle Charest.

Logo               Affiche du concours : Buzzons contre le sexisme

Moving, in action
After 40 years of move (s): lesbians and feminists, what courses of action, what types of intervention now?
Speakers: representatives of the World March of Women (WMW) and La Barbe (The Beard).
Evocation tribute to
Danielle Charest, his commitment, his actions, the School of lesbians of Bagdam.
Speakers: Oristelle Bonis (Editions iXe), Natacha Chetcuti, Bagdam Espace Lesbien and representatives of Osez le féminisme (OLF, under reserve)

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