Exhibition - 23rd Festival 2011

Along with the cinematographic program, Cineffable is also presenting visual art works around the theme of « Les femmes et l’intime » (Women and intimacy).

The works of six artists is being exposed.

The engravings on sheets and embroidery, entitled « Les secrets » (The Secrets) by Anne Catherine Nesa illustrate women’s clothing and jewellery.
Valérie Pillon’s installation « Peau d'Ours » (Bearskin) is composed of a coat made from scraps of plush toys, and of photographs.
The photographic series « Tremblements » (Tremors) by Sylvie Valem capture the details of a female nature.
The realistic paintings by Wanda Savy are the looks of women searching for those of others.
The installation « La vie l’a quittée » (Life has left her) by Sophie Lannier is composed of poetic images and texts on her mother’s death..
And finally, the photographic performance by Suzanne « Une partie de... » (Hooking Up…) invites the festival goers to settle in on a bed with the person of their choice, be photographed and see their image projected during the festival.

This exhibit « Les femmes et l’intime » will be visible during the 5 days of the festival.

Anne Catherine Nesa : Les secrets Anne Catherine Nesa
The engravings on sheets and embroidery, entitled « Les secrets » illustrate women’s clothing and jewellery..

Valérie Pillon
Valerie Pillon Peau d'Ours
« Peau d'Ours » is a coat composed of scraps of plush toys. The title is a reference to one of Perrault*’s fairy tales. So the coat is filled with meaning. It allows for metamorphosis and enters into the realm of the intimate. It is also an imaginary body of tactile memories, a vestige of childhood. The installation presents both the coat itself, as an object, and staged photos featuring the coat. * A sort of French "Brothers Grimm"

Sylvie Valem

The photographic series « Tremblements » captures the details of a female nature.
Sylvie Valem : Tremblements
Sylvie Valem : Tremblements
Sylvie Valem : Tremblements

Wanda Savy : Regard
Wanda Savy

The realistic paintings by de Wanda Savy are the looks of women searching for those of others.

Wanda Savy : Regard

Sophie Lannier

The installation « La vie l’a quittée » is a visual work and an “esthetisation” of her mother’s death, of a mother, of death in general. It isn’t a question of sordid voyeurism.
« La vie l’a quittée » includes a video of 2’50 composed of fifty photographs, a soundtrack and four booklets.
The photos were taken at three different times : the day my mother died on April 23, 2007 at the hospital, the days following her death on the road, and the journey to la Hottée du Diable, Camille Claudel’s inspirational site.
The four texts are Sa dernière nuit (Her last night), written in April 2007, several days after her death, Mon père dit que, (My father says) written in July 2007, Pull rose (Pink Sweater), written on October 14, 2007; and Naître et mourir (Being Born and Dying), written in April 2008. These four texts and 50 photos are like steps on the path of mourning.

Sophie Lannier : La vie l’a quittée


« Une partie de... » is a project of women’s portraits. Women in bed. Women in relationships. Using a ceiling camera. « Une partie de... » is not an erotic project, but rather a documentary, to say we exist, here and elsewhere, Women, together.
« Une partie de... » with society, hooking up with humanity. It’s a project that doesn’t believe that love is any more heterosexual than bonding and harmony.
Before making a book and an expo which presents the diversity of women together, lying down, in a mosaic of normal lesbian moments.
In bed.

Suzanne : Une partie de...

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