Le Printemps de Cineffable - April, Friday 22 and Saturday 23, 2011

You will enjoy this year because the lineup of Cineffable spring is completely new. Spring is the revival, and new leaves (films ...) are teeming. So that's fine for you!

Spring has inspired a fiery lineup, each found the heroin that will vibrate with excitement. Of militant cinema to cinema big ballads, with stories to make you weep with emotion, you will find the images that will make you quiver.

This 3rd edition of Printemps de Cineffable is next for the 22nd festival because it had been shortened. We have for this event from a place made available by Mairie du 11e arrondissement (at advantageous terms and binding on both):
Salle Olympe de Gouges.

And even more than usual, volunteers team redoubled their efforts, tricks, intelligence and intense discussions to organize this event so close before.

A festival, films are first, but it is also a space to discuss and debate intellectually rich and a cafeteria (where foods are served over roboratives) because the restoration committee and all volunteers who bring their competition exerted all their culinary art with delicious sandwiches, pies and other festive flavor.

As the 23rd festival, he will again be held at Espace Reuilly of 5 days, and strong experience of last year our next challenge is to adapt the organization to the constraints of the site.

We are always looking for the perfect place after confirmed the impossibility to return to the Trianon and ideas are welcome!

  Opening, Friday, April 22 at 15:00

Poster of  Printemps de Cineffable 2011 Program of Printemps de Cineffable, 2011

In April, do not discover a movie!    

Many festival remained on their hunger after the first part of the 22nd festival on 1 and 2 November 2010.

And the team also Cineffable!

She concocted a
« saison 2 » which will take place on 22 and 23 April 2011.

For its third edition, the
PRINTEMPS DE CINEFFABLE offers unique programming in the festival, not the usual best-of.

List of films Hours - PDF Catalog (PDF)
Débates Poster Press Dossier only in French

Some highlights, gleaned over the seven sessions:

A poignant feature film, Le dernier Eté de la Boyita of Julia Solomonoff: a summer in Argentina, two children discover the mysteries of sexual identity..

Short films entertaining, funny and touching, from the four corners of the planet:
Falling For Caroline of Christine Chew (Canada), Evelyne Everyone of Kylie Plunkett (Australia), Bañophobia of Blanca Salazar (Spain), Innocence Remains of Nathalie Camidebach (France), 25 Random Things I Did During My Big Fat Lesbian Depression de Chris J. Russo (US), The Other Side of Revital Gal (Israël), and also Im Sommer sitzen die Alten of Beate Kunath (Germany), a movie scheduled for fall that had not finally been planned for technical reasons.

Patchwork Photos Printemps Cineffable 2011

Documentaries on human rights activists for gays and lesbians in Spain with So Called Equals of Cinta Jimenez Carabe, Israel with City Of Borders of Yun Su, Italy with Trukulutru ! E il sogno azzurro delle principesse of Carine Wachsmann and Ilaria Paganelli, with the highlight the plight of homosexuals in sub-Saharan Africa: Are You A Girl Or What ? of Mathilda Piehl and Alex Friedunger and The Kuchus Of Uganda of Mathilda Piehl. This film presents the SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda), a radical group of LGBT activists who risk their lives to advance the rights of sexual minorities in Uganda. One of the witnesses involved in the film, David Kato Kisula, was murdered January 26, 2011.

Cineffable also wishes to project the documentary Féminisme et paillasson, regards croisés sur la Maison des Femmes de Paris, of Sofi Plisson order to support this important place and ensure that its action could continue.

Debates and discussions are underway. The themes are online on the page Debates.

Do not miss this spring festival!    

Debates and discussions


Friday 22 - 19:30
La Maison des femmes de Paris
Fighting for existence
The MDF space initiatives and feminist solidarity, not be mixed, open to all women is in danger! Debate echoing the film of
Sofi Plisson, « Féminisme et paillasson ».

saturday 23 - 11:00
The wedding in question
Rights, where are we? Here and in the world. Yes or no? Why? Debate ... In response to the session « Tout le monde dit oui » (Friday, April 22, 15:30) on the issue of wedding.

saturday 23 - 16:30
LGBT rights in Africa
Le Printemps brings to light the African continent, particularly sub-Saharan Africa: LGBT rights, Butch in South Africa, feminist activism in Kenya ... Back on the lives of LGBT visibility, the criminalization of homosexuality in Uganda ...

The stands will be present: Violette and Co, Sarah Calas and SOS Homophobie (saturday)

The book signings, Librairie Violette and Co
  friday 22   -  17:00
saturday   23   -  14:00
saturday   23   -  19:00
Danièle Cottereau
Danielle Charest
Andromak P4

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Printemps de Cineffable 2011


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