Discussions & debates! - 25th Festival 2013

For the past 25 years, Cineffable has been shining a projector on our ideas, our anger, our struggles, our heroines, our controversies and our hopes.

This year, we'll open the discussions with a look at our struggles, past and present; we'll call on the pioneers and heroines and see why it's so important to bring them to light; and we'll finish on Sunday around the political and unifying dynamic of the lesbian movement involved in the EuroLESBOpride last July.


Friday, November 1st, 12h
Our struggles of yesterday and today
Lesbiana, a parallel revolution Feminist and lesbian struggles, past and present, near and far, around the films programmed this year and with the participation of filmmakers (Lesbiana, a parallel revolution, Mujeres de buen vivir, Ahoy!, Foot for Love, L'amour n'est jamais sale & 3 short films Marriage for all).
Friday, November 1st, 7pm
The LGBT situation in the world: Being lesbian in Russia (and Asia)
Russia's anti-gay law LGBT in Russia: the reality of lesbians today. In reaction to the alarming current events of 2013 and around the films The Beginning and Not With Us, with the participation of the filmmakers, we will look at the situation for lesbians in Putin's Russia.

With Faïna Grossmann and the group Lesbians Beyond Borders, among others. We'll also take a detour through Asia with the filmmaker of I'm Here.
Saturday, November 2nd, 7pm
Pioneers, heroines and super-heroines... essential to our construction and our lives!
Pioneers It's up to US to create our HERstory, non-existent in our schoolbooks...

Based on the films that bring to light the first female war correspondents, women journalists in India, an art magazine in Lebanon and comic book super-heroines, we will be looking at the women role models who have helped us and continue to help us shape ourselves, be and become who we are.
With the participation of the filmmakers of No Job for a Woman, Sari Stories, Jasad & the Queen of Contradictions and Wonder Women, among others.
Sunday, November 3rd, 2:30pm
EuroLESBOpride, Marseille 2013: towards an International Lesbian movement?
EuroLESBOpride Is the renaissance of the lesbian movement still as political, unified and unifying as ever?
A look back at the event with a film by Denise Brial, and a review, feedback and future prospects with the admirable organizers of this event : the CEL, the organizer association of this euroLESBOpride and her partners, the CLF, the Lesbiennes of Colors, LOCs, Cineffable.

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