Concert of the 28th Festival 2016

Friday, October 28th - 7 P.M.

Natalya N'Rouv   
"Quand les mots résonnent",
("When words resonate"),
an original creation by and for two performers.

Guit Sails: guitar and vocals
Natalya N'Rouv: accordion
Sails and Natalya N'Rouv: composition and arrangements

When music meets writing, sounds and words come together as one...
Words of passion and of fighting are made into song,
Words of rebellion and of love are set to music,
Words of struggle and of hope are put on stage,
Women's words...

Two women composers have set texts and poems to music with folk and blues inflections for guitar, accordion and voice... for a resonant, musical voyage through the words of Violette Leduc, Taslima Nasreen, Monique Wittig, Dorothy Allison, Audre Lorde, Nella Nobili, Maya Angelou, Ana Cuenca, Mary Dorcey, Adrienne Rich and others.

Poetry guides us through these little-known, often-forgotten and sometimes-censured texts.
The vibrations of the guitar, the bewitchment of the accordion, led by the voice, invite us to discover or rediscover these tumultuous works.
Prose takes the audience on different and lyrical universe. An opportunity to meet these writers in the fervor of music and song.

"Quand les mots résonnent" pays homage to creative, passionate and militant women in a poetio-musical performance.

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