Concert of the 29th Festival 2017

Thursday, November 2nd - 7 P.M.

Sybella Guillaume   
Sybella Guillaume, natural, charming, charismatic...

From her native Guadeloupe to Paris where Sybella now lives, she has chosen to express her individuality with an alluring assurance. Not only regarding her roots but also with words that evoke discriminations and homophobia; her poetry embraces life and love, and confides her open-mindedness without limitations or boundaries.

She is lively, mischievous, fascinating. She is also a composer, a performer, and guess what... an author!

Armed only with her courage and her acoustic guitar, she invites us to enjoy an intimate moment of conviviality filled with folk, rock and blues music, playing with the sounds of each genre.
With freshness and full of surprises, she takes us on a journey in the footsteps of Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman and bands such as Muse or Radiohead.

So far she has only played to small audiences. For our Festival, she will appear on stage in front of 400 people. So come, be one of them and let yourself be pleasantly surprised!

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