Encounters, Round Tables, Q&A's, Debates 2017

Room opposite the Espace Reuilly: Le Chantier

Dive into our news and our history, ask questions, find answers, join debates, make progress... and leave feeling empowered... Every year, Cineffable provides precious and enriching chances to exchanges ideas and points of view.

The program was still evolving at press time, and some speakers were still to be confirmed, so for up-to-the-minute info, please consult the posted program on our website and at the festival venue.

Friday 3 November at 5 p.m. → Quand les lesbiennes se font du cinéma...

A little tribute to Cineffable in this title to announce this meeting-debates dealing with Cinema and lesbians, the pioneers: first women filmmakers and first lesbian images in film, first festivals, presenting our images, our cinema...

An overview of the pioneers ("visible" actresses, women directors, organizers of festivals ...) to encourage you to assist to the saturday screening Enfin sous les projecteurs...

With speakers including Brigitte Boucheron of Bagdam Espace lesbien.

Saturday 4 November at 2:30 p.m. → Round-table/Q&A with the filmmakers

The international filmmakers present at the festival will share their experience as women in an all too often male-dominated field. They will also shed light on difficulties they have encountered and offer advice to those of you who are interested in creating films on lesbian, feminist or militant themes.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet them!

Saturday 4 November at 5 p.m. → Women in code...

   Great Unsung Women of Computing: The Computers   
Women in IT, these unsung brains...

Speakers to be scheduled, linked with friday night screening La geekE c'est chic.

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