29th Festival 2017 Exhibition

Presences Revealed

Private viewing on Friday 3rd November at 6:30 p.m.

The 2017 exhibition is filled with emancipated figures, sometimes strong and proud, often disturbing. These individuals challenge the boundaries and limits of gender identity and social standards, whilst their works take us to hybrid plastic zones. From framed photography to the furtive snap of the smartphone, in apartments, in studios or in the middle of French or Latin American farmland, the artists widen our horizons and build our thirst for encounters.

Liane, 2016
Liane, 2016

Claire, 2016
Claire, 2016

Emmanuelle Gary - BUTTERFLYS

The deliberately vague silhouettes, barely recognizable, question gender boundaries and the absurdity of wanting to, having to, define them...
Like chrysalises, these individualities collide with normality and proclaim their existence in spite of the veils of invisibility that we impose on them.

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Mahé Elipe - Woman and woman-farmer

These portraits of voluntary, proud and genuine workers impart steely looks, suspicious and focused. They seem united in their labour, which according to the actions and conditions, shape their forms and personalities in a strong, impressive and vigorous way. Some dried by the sun, others more rounded; their morphologies are the reflection of their work and their souls. These women demonstrate that they participate in the agricultural world as much as men and underline the wealth and fragility of the nature that we should protect.

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Cuba, Culture de tabac, 2016
Cuba, Culture de tabac, 2016

Regards Croisés, 2017
Regards Croisés, 2017

Je & Tu - Contrasting Perspectives

"I look at you, you look at me. Me, you, we seize stolen moments from our everyday lives, in an attempt to share the emotion that I, that you arouse in me. Freeze photographically what I see in you, what you see in me and the landscapes where our points of view reside."

Sarah Cockings & Harriet Fleuriot - Plasma Vista

Short film

A UFO? Unidentified Filmed Object, a small attractive jewel played by a deeply troubling actress...
But what exactly is this film about?
Showcasing gestures, objects, forms subjected to transformations as delirious as they are enigmatic...
They play with gender, transparency, and definitions... it is a precise universe and nevertheless extremely intoxicating, so seductive...

Picture from the film, 2016
Picture from the film, 2016

Photography of the performance, 2017
Photography of the performance, 2017

Jehane Hamm, Léa Sallustro - The Canopy

Cinema-dance performance

A figure appears in a misty landscape at the edge of a lake. As she advances in the water, her energy shimmers. She seems alone.
Then a silhouette appears, as an ethereal presence, which instils itself in the picture.
These two feminine figures don't seem to come from the same place but nevertheless they merge through a dialogue of aimless bodies, roaming.
Closing screening on Sunday, 5th November at 7:30 p.m.

Ana Fernandes - Paint'tube

Participatory performance

Is the artist the one who dwells in the paint-tube? The one who glues patterns? The one who films, camera in hand? This performance has you live a creative, collaborative, joyful and evolutionary experience.
Ana creates a connection between all the shapes you cut, highlights them, gives them a new dimension, assembles them to build the piece and lets you in to her universe.
Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th November, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m., activity in the exhibition area.
Sunday 5th November, 7:30 p.m. screening, presentation of the finished work in the main screening hall.

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La lionne à poils # 3x1,75m # Acrylic & ink on Lexan © 11/2012 - Neuilly-sur-Seine
La lionne à poils # 3x1,75m # Acrylic & ink on Lexan
© 11/2012 - Neuilly-sur-Seine

Clitoris Lexicon

During last year's festival, a large collection of words was gathered to create our clitoral lexicon, in association with the writer Cy Jung. From these words, and after a word game with the festival-goers, she wrote an original text.

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