Schedule of films of the 29th Festival 2017

Schedule subject to change

  • Animation Animation
  • Clip Clip
  • Documentary Documentary
  • Experimental Experimental
  • Fiction Fiction
  • Performance Performance


All screenings will take place at the Espace Reuilly

Thursday, November 2

  • 6:45pm  -  Opening Night
    We're off, full throttle for 4 days of festival fun! An opening night that reflects who we are with a compelling and punchy documentary.

    Screening duration : 120'

Friday, November 3

  • 11:30am  -  Feminista
    A cross-generational screening that bears witness to the seeds of feminism being sown.

    Screening duration : 96'

  • 2:15pm  -  Résiste, prouve que tu existes !
    Two women, two societies, two different but essential struggles in the face of oppression.

    Screening duration : 94'

  • 7:30pm  -  Heartland
    A story of family, love, betrayal, what keeps us going and what keeps hold of us.

    Screening duration : 99'

Saturday, November 4

  • 11:30am  -  Gouine génération
    From Berlin to Buenos Aires, portraits of some of today's lesbian youth.

    Screening duration : 88'

  • 7:30pm  -  Catch mon cœur
    Sit back, relax and let yourself get carried away on this multicultural journey!

    Screening duration : 93'

  • 9:45pm  -  Superstar, bouscule les codes !
    Questioning the clichés and stereotypes of women in today's society through the eyes of the future generation of feminists.

    Screening duration : 90'

Sunday, November 5

  • 11:30am  -  Mon amour, mon combat
    Personal stories from the world over illustrating the struggles for the right to live as we choose. Poignant and courageous.

    Screening duration : 94'

  • 4:45pm  -  Our Love Story
    Interrogations, identities and love on the other side of the world.

    Screening duration : 97'

6:45pm - Q&A with members of Cineffable

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