Opening Night Concert of the 9th Festival 1997

Wednesday, October 29 - 8.30 P.M.

© Aminata Djegal
Doumé Trottier met Dominique Poggi in 1991. They discovered a great affinity in their musical tastes. They decide to form a duo and they create an original repertoire starting from their compositions. This is the beginning of Touloulou.

In 1997, they meet Nawal Mlanao. A large musical bond appears between them quickly. They choose a resolutely acoustic music. Their music is a synthesis of construction and improvisation, which leaves much place for intuition and inspiration.
From this meeting was born the trio of women, Touloulou.

Their first album Bonne nouvelle will release next year (1998).

With (from left to right on the picture), Nawal Mlanao, percussion and voice, Doumé Trottier, clarinet, voice and kalimba and Dominique Poggi, piano, voice and kalimba.

Note: for the concert of the festival, the percussion instruments will be played by Mirtha Pozzi.

Bonne nouvelle - Touloulou
© Claudine Malzoppi

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