Debates / Presentation

14th Festival Debates 2002

Warning! This year, the debates take place at the Divan du Monde

Lesbian History - the Writing on the Walls
Saturday 2 November, 2pm
The Festival will host an exhibition of posters, banners and tracts retracing 30 years of struggle for lesbian rights. The debate will highlight the importance of past struggles in the progress of lesbian rights today.

Sex Workers, Feminists and Lesbians
Saturday 2 November, 3pm

The debate will explore recent actions taken by women sex workers, and how these could be linked to the more general context of feminist and lesbian struggles.

The Place of Lesbian Associations in France
Saturday 2 November, 5pm

In the context of recent refusals of subsidies, the debate will look at t
he relationship between lesbian associations and various levels of French government.

Single Lesbians
Sunday 3 November, 2pm

The debate will explore the positive and negative aspects of being a single lesbian in today's society, as well as various social initiatives that have been taken by single lesbians.

"Izta" (The Crossroads)
Sunday 3 November, 4pm

Jules Falquet, the author of "Izta", will lead a debate on the Mexican women's movement. She will be accompanied by the musician, Ochy Curiel. The film, "Les filles de Zapata", will be screened during the debate.


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