15th Art Exhibition - 2003

In 2003, the festival exhibition brought together photographers, sculptors and painters, with six out of ten participants being photographers.

Picture Cathy Peylan

Cathy Peylan    Cathy Peylan

Cathy Peylan

Natacha Lemoine
Natacha Lemoine, from Massy 91

Déborah Dessenne
Déborah Dessenne, from Outreau 62

Laurence Chanfreau
Laurence Chanfreau, from Marseille

Luna   Luna

Luna, from Riberac 26

Hwa-Suk Seo
Hwa-Suk Seo, from Paris


Ourida Dif
Ourida Dif, from Strasbourg

Catherine Hubert
Catherine Hubert, from Paris
Rebecca Gruel
Rebecca Gruel, from Paris
Stanne, from Strasbourg
Claire-Sophie Kulaga
Claire-Sophie Kulaga, from Alfortville 94


Françoise Mulet
Françoise Mulet, from Montpellier

Malou Tourrel
Malou Tourrel, from Bagnolet 93 (Sculptures en acier )

Viviana Fontaine   Viviana Fontaine
Viviana Fontaine, from Paris
(Sculptures en terres cuites)

Dess, from Paris

The diversity of the exhibits and the talent of the artists was startling. Original and attention grabbing, the exhibits enriched the magical atmosphere of the Trianon.


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