Debates / Presentation

16th Festival - 2004 : At the Halle St Pierre, right near the Trianon

(sat 12h, 14h, 16h  -  sun 12h, 14h, 16h  - mon 12h) :

  • Saturday 30th oct 12.00 noon: Meeting with "Bagdam Espace lesbien" (web site in french only, Toulouse, France) Fury and Exaltation - What lesbians think about the meaning of the word "lesbian"
    With Katy Barasc, Michèle Causse, Danielle Charest, Michèle Larrouy, Hélène Marquié, Nicole-Claude Mathieu... and members of the italian Fuoricampo group (Bologna).
  • Saturday 2 pm: Meeting with Dalila Kadri, director of the film Lucioles (and the film screening). "Lesbians with non-French origins".
  • Saturday 4 pm: Meeting with the Coordination Lesbienne de France (CLF)
  • Sunday 31th oct noon: meeting on Femmes Actives (Active women), with "Les Pénélopes" group.
  • Sunday 2 pm: Drag Kings with Beatriz Preciado, the women who attended the workshop, and "les Kings du Berry".
  • Sunday 4 pm: meeting with Aishah Shahidah Simmons, the director of NO! (A Work in Progress) and the film screening.

  • Monday 1st oct noon: meeting about Monique Wittig, with Syn Guérin and Eugénie Kuffler.


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