17th Art Exhibition - 2005

Cineffable carries on promoting the visibility of artists from all walks of life. For the 17th festival, 10 women will show their work.

M.G Havel's Painting - Click to increase the imageIn the Winter garden, our guest of honor will be Marie-Geneviève Havel, painter-engraver-computer graphic artist. An experienced artist, Marie-Geneviève Havel will show her engravings and paintings that have been shown in numerous museums, galleries, international exhibitions during her long career. She will offer her alchemy, her story and her engraved papers.
«When I work with metal, I want to give it back its soul» she says, then the fight begins. «The acid digs into the plate, the point draws a furrow and the paper drinks the ink so that it gives life to landscapes, to different futures. It is the wave of faraway places. It’s the private path of each person.»

At the 1st floor still in Trianon:

Christine's Wood Sculpture - Click to increase the imageChristine, wood sculptor, presents «Viens mon ange, Tchadri, Danse…» made in wood with a direct cut. She tries to unveil the sensual world of women through shape and material.

Derzou's Wood Sculpture - Click to increase the imageDerzou
, sculptor: Vision and harmony of matters where marble resists to resin shapes, wood to copper, stone to glass and where contrasts mix and let light in to the beat of graver hits.


Dess's Furniture - Click to increase the imageDess, furniture designer: We continue our discovery of Dess’s cardboard furniture, altogether beautiful, original and functional. Respiration, harmony of shapes by a unique work, instinctive and thought out around the vibration of the shape that appears: «Soupir, Roma, Ying-Yang, Vague Amazone».

Fabienne's Ceramics - Click to increase the imageFabienne
, ceramist, Invites us again to be amazed by her sculptures, her imagination in lively scenes where earth and words mix: «between theater et literature, I express through earth what words let out.»

Natacha Lemoine's Foto - Click to increase the image Natacha Lemoine, , photograph, comes back with large prints, portraits as usual imbued with her tender poetry and melancholy.



Cathy Peylan's Foto - Click to increase the image Cathy Peylan, photograph, lets us discover under a pit of light «the gender of angels», faces, portraits, myth?

Marie's Compisition - Click to increase the imageMarie, artist, can surprise us with her very original means of expression in the «Mystifications» series or in expressing violence to kids and the silence that surrounds it.



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