17th Festival Program - 2005

The Cineffable team is proud to present its 17th edition of the “Quand les lesbiennes se font du cinéma” (When Lesbians Make Movies) festival.

More than ever, this edition has been placed under the sign of teamwork, energy, perseverance and activism on the part of the organisers. We have been conceiving this event all year long and working hard to make it happen, reaffirming our desire to keep this festival alive despite the economic, logistical and ideological difficulties we have to face.

This edition has also been placed under the sign of integration. A particular effort has been made to make the festival more accessible to deaf and hearing-impaired lesbians. All the films (both French and foreign) shown at the festival this year have been sub-titled, and organisers will be available to provide a welcome and information in sign language for any women who wish it.

Lastly, this edition has been placed under the sign of European activism: indeed, this year we will have both the honour and the pleasure of receiving the European representatives of the lesbian associations meeting in Paris this week for the annual International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) conference. They will be coming to join us and will be present at opening night of our festival.

So the doors of the Trianon Theatre have been thrown wide open to you, ladies: come discover the films, art exhibit, opening-night concert, live performances, stands and cafeteria; come meet the filmmakers and exhibiting artists; come join in the debates at the Halle Saint Pierre.

Carpe diem!


17e Paris International Feminist and Lesbian Film Festival 2005 / Quand les lesbiennes se font du cinéma 2005The team is still working for the 17th Cineffable's
"Paris International Feminist and Lesbian Film Festival" (Quand les lesbiennes se font du cinéma"),
back at the Trianon and the Halles St Pierre (
maps and photos),
from the
Friday 28 Octobre through the Tuesday 1st Novembre 2005.

Here are the films list and the hours (it can still change a little).

We will start on friday at 7.30 PM, with a concert of Tribad in the Trianon.

On the opening evening, ILGA-Europe will be there.


Editorial's Programmation Commission

One is not serious when 17 years old and
that’s what we’re going to see!

little manOn the opening night on Friday October 28, in the presence of some members of IGLA Europe, we will show the long documentary little man telling the story of the fight of a lesbian couple (including the director) to try and save their premature baby. A powerful movie that will touch everyone, made by the director of the mythical “Claire of the Moon”, Nicole Conn.
From Saturday onwards, in terms of choice for long features, you may want to stop at the Beaver Run Café, see the show of two show-women, never running out of hilarious anecdotes in Girl Play or if you now know all words starting with an L, go discover everything the letter D has in store for you in The D Word.

Ho Yuk (Let’s love Hong Kong ) For those of you fascinated by the Far East, interior and exterior shots of Hong Kong are offered to you; from yesterday to nowadays in Butterfly, or in a more futuristic and mysterious aspect in Ho Yuk (Let’s Love Hong Kong).
If long distances scare you, Nachbarinnen will tell you how to meet and create a relationship with your next-door neighbor that did not know so far.

On the shorts side in no special order we propose:
- gender and identity questions with Entre piernas, Moustache, Tomboy, XX to XY or Something Else,
- Lesbian humor (It does indeed exist...) with the hilarious Brazilian version of Charlie’s Angels from Panteras Fora do Armário, the touching sixty-something of Hoi Maya or the modern Amazons The Amazing Amazons,
- cold sweats in The Rules, Some Real Fangs or Dani & Alice,
- festive and political demonstrations in Melbourne Marching Girls Bare All and Our Bodies, Our Choice!,
- time travel thanks to Fannie dans le temps, Entre trilhos or Raising the Roof, and many other surprises !

Et sheaava Nafshi (Keep not silent)Are Faith and lesbianism compatible?
This question is raised in the exceptional documentary made by Ilil Alexander Et sheaava nafshi (Keep Not Silent), as well as in the
Norwegian movie O' bli hos meg.
Little rehearsal of the history of the lesbian and feminist culture, both in Europe and the United States, with Katzenball, The Lesbian Centennial Project, Une chambre à elle or Le féminisme pour les nuls.

Hearts cracked open Finally for relaxation, take it easy and stay in shape: take dancing lesson in the Madrid Parties with Lalou or a complete tantric yoga session dedicated to women who like women in Hearts Cracked Open and an introduction of the lesbian kama sutra in Lesbian Barbies.
Do you prefer frivolous attires and toys, we’ve got it! Maria Beatty’s new opus Ecstasy in Berlin 1926 will fulfill your desires with garter-belt, teddiettes, chains and other whips...

What is experimental cinema?
Get initiated during an evening dedicated to the work of the young American director Olivia Ontaneda. Other approaches, other countries, other forms, with the South-African tryptic Whole: A Trinity of Being, the Spanish story Ester or the Indian balade Bombay Longing.

Worth noting, in parallel with the screenings, a very special session on Saturday 29 between 6 and 8 PM at the Trianon, with Carole Baillien’s show Confessions of another kind (only in french).

Also before or after your lunch break you will be able to attend and participate to the daily discussions and debates held in the Halle Saint-Pierre. This year :
• Status in Africa, Asia and South America on the situation of lesbians and more widely women, around the following movies Pecore nere and Yaoyólotl "corazón guerrero".
• Actions aiming at increasing women’s emancipation in South America.
• Is feminism dead?
• Presentation of the ILGA by one of the French delegates.

Also scheduled is a poetry/slam session during which several writers and authors will come to read and bring life to their work (in english).

Before we part, you will discover the final film from Céline Jacquier, Quand les cheveux s’en mêlent, winner of the script competition in 2003, and as usual the team’s favourite and the public’s favourite.

In summary, this edition 2005 should be rich, offering a wide variety of events, emotions and discussions. Don’t miss it!

The Programming Committee 2005

French Version / Version franšaise