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18th Festival Program - 2006


1 8 th   F e s t i v a l

Hear hear charming damsels, if you looked for a place of freedom for any kind of lesbian expression, do not roam no more, you have just found it.

Come and flee with us the cold of winter, here there is light (even in the cinema we relight from time to time), here there is warmth, here one can eat (one can even drink if one is so inclined), relax, discuss existential or pointless things, meet any lesbians' height come from Urbi et Orbi, get lost in the meanderings of the classico-contemporary artistic creation .................... (Fill dotted lines with any activity of which we would not have thought, but who could indeed find it’s place too), and of course, delight in an orgy of films which this year finds its highlight in a number, a variety, a quality too, that we had probably never achieved.

Thus come to celebrate with us the sublime relation of the lesbian to the cinema, and the sublimated relationship of the lesbian and the turtle (you have to come to understand!).

You had nothing to do (just peachy), you had something to do (it's not a problem, you can always cancel), trust me there, this 18th edition (oh there, that doesn’t make us any younger, but that coming of age has to be celebrated!) you can’t miss it, it will leave you lifelong recollections.

Lifelong, at the very least !

See you soon,

from f r i d a y      27
to    m o n d a y   30
       o c t o b e r  2006
Poster realized by
Anne Pensec


Where can you meet, all in the same weekend, 1500 Parisian women, others from Israel, Hungary, India, or Norway, Palestinian freedom fighters, poetry professors, stunt women, illegal immigrants, involved and committed militant women, or simply women in love? At Cineffable, of course!

List of films - Hours

This year, there’s a romantic breeze blowing on the 18 th edition of the festival with 4 feature films that will melt your heart (Loving Annabelle, The Journey, Unveiled, Sévigné) and 2 full sessions of sentimental short films.   Loving Annabelle
Pig Heart Both  

You’ll also discover audacity and boldness throught portraits of lesbian and/or feminist women who dared to go up against and overturn the tabous (Les Scieurs, Krudas, Reflections, Censorious, Pig Heart, Talking in Tongues, and other shorts by Tönje Gjevjon, a young and surprising Norwegian film-maker, …). You will also meet women who rebelled and won’t leave you indifferent (Look Us in the Eyes, Leïla Khaled, The Angelmakers, Both, ...).

A special hommage will be paid to Claude Cahun (Playing a Part), who was a photographer, author, artist, surrealiste and resistant.

  Playing a Part
Rape for Who I Am   Some other highligths include a session dedicated to trans-parentality, the themes of “Marriage”, “Women Pioneers”, and a “Closeup of South Africa”, which is ridden with violence against women but at the same time, rich with an incredible outburst of creativity.

And finally, a special session dedicated to slam, including a live performance of the group Slam O’ Feminin, as well as numerous debates (homoparentality, racism, female contemporary artists) and a slam writing workshop will all come to complete this world tour in 24 images per second!

  Slam O’ Feminin
Le lit froissé  

Not to mention a dynamic French program, which hosts a wave of young film-makers this year with touching films (Odile, Le lit froissé, Amour cache-cache et chat perché), films ful of fantasy and fun (10 niveaux d'intensité, Se laisser aller), esthetic films (Geïsha) and films focusing on our humanity (Classé XY).

You can be sure that when lesbians make movies, they really put on a show!
Mairie de Paris
La 10e Musen.paradoxa
Violette and Co
Radio Nova
Pink TV 360ch
Dollhouse, Jeux de filles

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