Quand les lesbiennes se font du cinéma

October 31st to November 4th, 2018

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Transmission Event  -  Sunday, November 4th at 2:15pm

Guerrillères/Warriors Screening

With a strong commitment to artistic expression, the transmission commission is proud to present, again this year, a screening that navigates between words, images, the performing arts and the other arts...

To celebrate Cineffable's 30th anniversary, the transmission screening is adhering as closely as possible to its raison d'être: a desire to transmit, to exist and, echoing the festival's more political dimension, to use art to fight for and defend the festival's creation and very existence. The earliest editions of the festival showed us - at last! -our lives and struggles as lesbians. The films also rebelled against patriarchal order in a formal way, i.e. through their FORM itself: experimental cinema and video.

With bodies and words, the words to say the ineffable, the words to take back the floor, to take back the night, to take back our rightful place in the world... These women filmmakers fight with their words, their images, their bodies, their marches, their music... so here once again is a screening that is both poetical and political.

With art forms ranging from slam to experimental film, from cinematic "writing" to images of women writers, lesbians express their anger, their rage, their wounds and their battles, in words and images.

This screening is dedicated to the guerrillères, the resistance fighters, the boxers, the battlers, with the Girlfight slam and with images inspired by the words of our poets and/or activists.

The program includes a poetry slam, films, a competition and more.

Audrey Chenu


Recite us your fight in 3 minutes!

Send us your films of under 3 min to
with the subject: "Concours transmission".

Short films

Sweet Baby J'ai on Divas Breaking Taboos
Guerillere Talks
I & I. We.
One Woman Party
Here I Sit

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