28th Festival 2016 - Program

I enjoy changing skies, climate, light. Bird of a single season, I fly away with the summer,? And my fickle flight goes from stern shores to enchanted shores.
In Memoriam, August 1850 Louise Ackermann

That is the kind of journey Cineffable is offering you this year. Among the scheduled ports of call are some that really mean the world to us.

The Same Difference
  • Africa Rising
  • Heroinat
  • The Same Difference
  • Nous Dehors
  • Newborns
  • La nuit je marche
Let's go meet women who point fingers or who get involved in struggles, who are searching for empowerment or taking part in the winds of freedom blowing through their countries, or others who are in exile. Remarkable women all, they evoke here, there and elsewhere, their hopes and dreams of fleeing stern shores.

Shorts and features, animated films and documentaries bordering on the experimental, creations on the verge of pleasure will all crop up over the course of the journey ... One island upon a time turns into an archipelago, beckoning us towards the road less traveled.
Beyond The Looking Glass
  • When Mom Visits
  • Beyond The Looking Glass
  • Bunker
  • Clitorissima
  • Carina
  • The Mathematics of a Lesbian Kiss

Brides to Be
  • Ex Argilla
  • Moonlight
  • Ausencia
  • Living in the Overlap
  • Nude Area
  • Brides to Be
Two particularly quirky ports of call: suspended in the Silencio of a darkened theatre, let yourselves be ravished by the aestheticism and magic emanating from the screen. Or be the Brides' best women at a wedding where the worst eclipses the best - but consider yourselves warned: this one is not for insensitive souls!

And finally, you can hop out along the many shores of Lesboland, from North - for a wild ride with a Swedish lesbian rock group - to South, for an Italian romance.
Me Myself and Her
  • Dyke Hard
  • While You Weren't Looking
  • Me Myself and Her
  • Dyke Hard
  • While You Weren't Looking
  • Me Myself and Her

May each of you find your own enchanted shore!

Transmission Event  -  Tuesday, November 1st at noon

La peau des mots / Skinning Words    Films, Performance, Competition

Words echo, dialogue and bounce back and forth… after the fabulous opening set by Sails and Natalya N'rouv Quand les mots résonnent (When Words Resonate), words will reason and resonate - over, through and between butch bodies and books, femme slams and fans, and more - in lesbians and in French Sign Language.

Words to see, to hear and to feel deeply:

2 or 3 Things but Nothing for Sure
2 or 3 Things but Nothing for Sure by Tina DiFeliciantonio and Jane C.Wagner
(12 minutes, 1997)

This short film is about Dorothy Allison's childhood in a marginalized poor white family in the 1950s American South, and how she came to be a renowned feminist author.
Film shot in 16 mm. in 1997.

Dorothy Allison will be present via Skype (to be confirmed)!
An American Poem
An American Poem by Andrea Kirsch
(4 minutes, 1988)

A poem-film, in collaboration with the poet Eileen Myles.
Heroïca by Gabriela Golder
(10 minutes, 1999)

Four women. Four stories about living with memories in a foreign country, interwoven into a silent, private choreography. A work of urban anthropology. (First Prize at the International Dance Video Festival of Buenos Aires).
Je ne me souviens plus
Je ne me souviens plus by Sabine Massenet
(4 minutes 30, 2002)

Inspired by G. Perec's Je me souviens (I remember), a list of fragmentary memories, most of which concern his childhood. Here children highlight memories' hesitations in the process of reconstructing a narrative.

Film director will be present.

Words given voice, on stage:

De l'autre côté de la peau (30 minutes)
(The Other Side of the Skin),

a work in progress co-written by the duo Futur Oublié.

Arising from a desire to show the zones of discomfort and vulnerability that are usually hidden, in order to transform them.

A bass guitar/vocal (slam poetry) dialogue in several tableaux, supported by video.
Futur Oublié

Once again, you can actively participate in your festival. En lien avec le thème de la séance Transmission on va vous faire rimer, chanter, déclamer... selon vos talents.

Please send us your 3-minute-maximum film (with French subtitles)    on the theme of the Transmission event, with spoken word, singing, reciting… wherever your talent lies.

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