Debates / Presentation

17th Festival - 2005: At the Halle St Pierre, right near the Trianon

(sat 2 to 6 pm  -  sun 2 to 4 pm, 4 to 6 pm  - mon 2 to 4 pm, 4 to 6 pm) :

  • Saturday 2 to 6 pm Lesbians in Africa, Asia and South America
    An overview of the situation of lesbians, and, women generally, on the continents of Africa and Asia, as well as South America.
    The presentation of certain documentaries from the 2005 selection will provide an opportunity for us to question the reasons for the real and long-lasting shortage of filmed and artistic testimony. We’ll attempt to identify the reasons for the often-violent rejection of homosexuality within African, Asian and South American societies. In these three continents today, what means are available to women, be they lesbians or not, to change their social status in concrete and enduring ways, without putting their very lives at risk?

  • Sunday 2 to 4 pm Readings from Rogue
    While the French dictionary defines the word rogue as “disdainful, distant, rude”, you should know that this on-line group of poets and other English-speaking Sapphic writers chose the name for its meaning in English: “mischievous, wandering, unlike the norm”. So much for etymology, here’s a bit of history, too. This year will be the group’s third annual encounter, after Groningen (Holland) in 2003 and Copenhagen in 2004.
    We’re pleased to present works from countries stretching from Finland to New Zealand (vagabonds could hardly do less!-) Owing to the group’s origins, most of the readings will be in English, but a few will be translated, and a translator will be on hand in case of emergency. Wishing you an enjoyable Reading from Rogue.
  • Debate/ Presentation Sunday 4 to 6 pm Women’s Actions in Costa Rica
    In conjunction with the screening of the documentary ¡Hechos, no promesas! (Deeds, Not Words!) we propose a presentation and discussion of the 2nd Women’s Parliament in Costa Rica, its stakes and its relationship to certain feminist debates in Latin America.
  • Debate / Presentation Monday 2 to 4 pm Lesbians in Europe
    What place for lesbians in Europe, with the participation of representatives of ILGA?
  • Debate / Presentation Monday 4 to 6 pm Benoîte Groult and French Feminism
    "Are you still feminist?" Benoîte Groult is sometimes asked. How can we respond to this question ...?
    To consider Benoîte Groult, who has so often borne witness to women’s lives, particularly in describing lesbian love in her books, Cineffable proposes a discussion based on the film A Room of Her Own – Interviews with Benoîte Groult. We will address, as this landmark figure of 20th-century French feminism invites us to do via the film, current feminist issues. With the participation of the filmmaker, the discussion will be lead by a Cineffable organiser who translated one of Groult’s novels.

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