Art Exhibition 2006

The 18th Paris International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival «Quand les lesbiennes se font du cinéma », from Friday, October 27th till Monday, October 30th, 2006, opens as every year its doors to the plastic artists at the Trianon theatre in Paris 18th, which, during 4 days, becomes a unique and global event around the lesbian and feminist culture, presenting in parallel of its programming of the Exhibitions. This year a new politics of exhibition was organized to propose 2 projects confided to 2 curators in different spaces.

Mezzanine – Winter garden : this space wants to promote every kind of creativity, drawing, engraving, painting, photo, colage, sculpture, video, multimedia, hapening... a place of visibility for feminist and lesbian expression. The mezzanine showcase this year a selection of 11 artists around activism. The Winter garden is dedicated to a review of the sculptural work of the artist Yéva which is the guest of honor of the Festival.

F_SPACE : The F_SPACE exhibition is viewed as a component of the event, and claim to be a place of infiltration with project designed specifically for the Festival location and spirit. Without neither predetermined space nor particular subject, the project for F_SPACE will have to colonize the nook and crannies of the place, in it’s most unusual parts, an thus to get the productions out of the prescriptivism of traditional art show and change it to a living space. The exhibition, thus conceived, will have the will to disrupt our look and rapport to the artworks, making them a part of the meetings, the passers-by, the wait...
The exhibition has the will to show how much the question of gender is at the core of the work of cotemporary artist trough an essentially international selection.



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