Concerts of the 27th Festival

Thursday, October 29 & Sunday, November 1st - 7 P.M.

The Hungry Hearts   
Created in 2006, The Hungry Hearts (THH) is a variable-sized group of multifaceted Norwegian women performers. They are authors, composers and choreographers and have performed in various art and film festivals in Japan, Germany, Israel, England and France.

Vocal modulations and ethereal sounds make up the essence of their meditative and captivating electro-pop. Their musical singularity is embodied in their stage performances where each piece, be it activist, surrealist or lewd, gives rise to an original interpretation by the members of the group.

After presenting us with their short films, stunning us as much by the unexpected happenings that they engineer, as by the way they keep their cool through the ups and downs of performing live, they return this year to Cineffable (their "favorite festival", in their own words) for two undoubtedly memorable concerts that are the opportunity for them to unveil, exclusive to Cineffable, tracks from their album Dyke Forever.

Music and performers to discover or rediscover, during the opening and closing nights of the festival!

The Hungry Hearts    The Hungry Hearts    The Hungry Hearts

The Hungry Hearts The Hungry Hearts

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