23rd Festival 2011

All together, we create a major event in the lesbian world: the PARIS INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN & FEMINIST FILM FESTIVAL : Quand les lesbiennes se font du cinéma, your festival darling, is back!

Poster of 23rd Festival 2011A year has gone by since our last lesbian-feminist utopia, and the world is no closer to having found its way. But in this time of global crisis - in which women are, as always, the first victims - we are witnessing a revolution: women are taking hold of film cameras as never before. We have an unprecedented 17 feature-length films for you this year!

In this film world tour, we shall go in America wonder, with Three Veils, about women's relationship to Islam, denounce the repression that affects the youth of Tehran, in En Secret, dance to the music from, here, there and everywhere; support struggles against sexual discrimination and violence against women in Asia and Africa.

Plenty more films are delivering the same message: feminism is still alive and kicking! In France, groups from the "Chiennes de Garde" and the "Obstinées" to "la Barbe" are all proud to "Oser le féminisme." ("Dare to be Feminist") in the 21st century. In fact, we will be discussing how to be an activist in this day and age. One answer comes from Télédebout, a lesbianfeminist web TV that will be presented to you live during the festival.

This year, Cineffable presents the work of 6 women artists that share with us there vision of intimacy, the relationship we have to others, to ourselves, to love and death.

This festival is a place to live, a place of pleasure, words and images that cry out to us in a single voice: we have to keep on expressing ourselves and our opinions in order to continue to exist.

All Good Festival!

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Editorial Committee of the programming

Since 2010 saw the unfortunate passing of an abbreviated festival, in 2011 we are reviving the 5-day long tradition!!!

To celebrate, the programming committee is bringing the bacon!!
There are no fewer than 60 films, seven of which are full-length fiction films (Argentine, Iran, États-Unis, Brésil, Israël, Hong Kong), a dozen are full-length documentaries and three sessions of short films like you love it!

Because there is only one theater this year, festival goers can see ALL of the films…however, performances only occur once.

So get out your pens and schedules!

To help you decide, here are some festival options...

All About Love
Saturday night, our opening show débuts with a concert by Kadja Nsé, who takes inspiration from colorful soul, blues, folk, reggae, and African music. Her music is testament to the Afro-European identity. She will be accompanied by Narjess on percussion before the screening of All About Love by Ann Hui (Hong Kong), which is a light, full-length film about LGBT parenting.

En Secret

Screening as a preview and with one of the actresses present, En secret (Circumstance) recounts the aspirations of Iranian youth through the eyes of a young lesbian confronted by intolerance and repression. En secret (Circumstance) was written and directed by American-Iranian Maryam Keshavarz.
Three Veils
The difficulty of reconciling tradition and modernity is at the heart of Three Veils , directed by Rolla Selbak, who will be present at the festival. The film depicts the lives of three young Muslim American women, who share their identities, their faiths and their sexuality.

Jan's Coming OutJoe+Belle

Among the other great options available, you can meet several of the team from Jan's Coming Out or even Veronica Kedar, an actress and director of Joe+Belle, the first full-length, lesbian, Israeli film of the Thelma et Louise, Rock-n-Roll genre!
Viglant! Healthy! Wholesome!Just as good are 3 sessions of short films waiting for you! A special Halloween session of films from Australia include Cupcake : A Zombie Lesbian Musical, The Kiss and Viglant! Healthy! Wholesome!, which are part of the traditional « courts sans frontières (Short Without Borders) » Et Barnsession. There's also a focus on LGBT parenting in the documentary (Tout l'amour que j'ai pour toi) and fiction films (Et Barn, Birthday and Recessive).Birthday
You still want more? We have a session of documentaries completely dedicated to Muslim women across the world, one of which brings us to Iran in the film Lion Women by Gry Winther, who retraces the engagements of a group of Muslim women.
Lion Women Gracy, Milly, Lucy. des fillettes soldates Lesbian Factory
A second feminist theme appears via films from Africa and Asia. Women combat against social injustice (Lesbian Factory by Susan Chen), sexual violence (Variety Survival Talkshow by Se-Young Jo) and psychology (Gracy, Milly, Lucy. des fillettes soldates by Raymonde Provencher) which still destroy these continents.
Le Tigre On TourLouise de Ville : portrait of a bad girl!
For more lighter fare, a session is dedicated to lesbian musicians and to their work in a regrouping of clips and a documentary Le Tigre On Tour by Kerthy Fix, filmed during the last wave of electro punk. Another session is consecrated to the documentary by Chriss Lag, Louis(e) de Ville : portrait of a bad girl!. Using interviews, extracts from spectacles and performances, the film follows the path of this burlesque American artist. You can cross her on the Parisian and European scène. You can ask the director and Louis(e) de Ville all of your questions at this session.
Much More Pussy!Plan V
Cineffable revives the Séance Q this year: you can see Much More Pussy! by Emilie Jouvet, which is the X-rated version of the film Too Much Pussy! Feminists Sluts in The Queer X Show, a road film already out in théâtres this summer.

Lastly, Cineffable is breaking new ground! We offer you a bit of relaxation by screening the 1st season of Plan V, an Argentinian, lesbian web-series abounding in humour and emotional twists!!!

Communiqué from Cineffable
After a long debate, a majority of volunteers present at Cineffable’s plenary meeting on 18 September, 2011, decided:
- to keep the grant provided by the cultural service of the Israeli embassy in France to pay for the Israeli woman filmmaker’s trip to France to attend the festival
- to remove the logo of the Israeli embassy from the animated list of partners that flashes up on Cineffable’s homepage insofar as the embassy is not a partner of the festival per se, but is offering financial assistance to an Israeli filmmaker
- to place the logo of the Israeli embassy on the page that presents the film, and to provide the following information: with the financial participation of the cultural service of the Israeli embassy in France for the filmmaker’s trip to France”
The discussion confirmed the group’s intention to organize, as has been planned for several months, an internal seminar offering our members a chance to reflect upon and debate various topics, including the modalities of our partnerships, and financial participation in the organization.
Paris, September 18, 2011

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