27th Festival 2015 - Highlights

Affiche du 27e Festival 2015

2015 has been declared the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies.
The UN wanted to highlight (as it were) the revolution that light represented for medicine, the Internet, cities, life and... the movies. And therefore even movies by women who love women, if we read between the lines!

This has been a year of dazzling progress for LGBT people: the USA finally granted marriage to everyone, Ireland became the first country in the world to allow trans-gendered adults to choose their sex without medical or state intervention, and Malta the first to ban medically unnecessary surgery on inter-sex children. Although it is true that 34 out of 54 African countries criminalize homosexuality, it was by cruelly outing its gays that Kenya's activists were brought out of the shadows, and light was shone on their bravery for all to see.
And a Ugandan lesbian was on the cover of Time magazine for the first time ever.

Still, there is no point in opposing darkness to light. The economic and sexual war on women goes on every day, under the blistering sun of indifference and powerlessness.
And the flash of a knife spelled death in Jerusalem.

None of that has escaped activist filmmaking. Like Mireille Havet's plume: "terribly cruel and frank, like the light, (it) divulges and does not want to be an auxiliary to lies". It is toward that light that we invite you to look. As sisters, as lesbians, as women.

Enjoy your festival.

Editorial of the programming committee

Three and a half days to ...

Open and bring to a close this year's edition with two powerful feminist documentaries. One retraces the history of the feminist movements in the US (She's Beautiful When She's Angry), and the other (Vessel) reminds us that the struggle for abortion rights that began over 40 years ago in France is still of critical contemporary relevance on an international level.
She's Beautiful When She's Angry
Tuesday, October 29 at 8pm
She's Beautiful When She's Angry
"8-26-1970 March" © Diana Davies
Sunday, November 1st at 7.30pm
An opening and closing ceremony, each kicking off with a concert featuring our favorite Norwegian performers who've come back from the arctic cold especially for you!
The Hungry Hearts
The Hungry Hearts
Tuesday, October 29 at 7.30pm
Sunday, November 1st at 7.30pm

Je ne suis pas féministe mais...
Meet one of the founders of the French women's liberation movement, Christine Delphy (Je ne suis pas féministe mais...) as well as filmmakers from the world over. Discover extraordinary portraits of unique women from within and beyond the borders of the West (South Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, and Senegal).

Je ne suis pas féministe mais...  ▶  Friday, October 30 at noon

Look into feminist activism around the world with some of our selection committee's favorites including Casablanca Calling - female spiritual guides who are revolutionizing the lives of millions of Moroccan women;

Casablanca Calling
Saturday, October 31 at noon
Casablanca Calling
Solar Mamas
Solar Mamas  ▶  Friday, October 30 at 5pm
Six Days: Three Activists, Three Wars, One Dream
Six Days  ▶  Saturday, October 31 at 2.30pm
Solar Mamas - a Bedouin woman who emancipates herself and helps the development of her Jordanian village using solar energy;

and Six Days: Three Activists, Three Wars, One Dream - the struggles for women's rights in Iraq, Liberia and Georgia.

Les vigilantes
Les vigilantes
Friday, October 30 at 2.30pm
Remember that sexual violence and lesbophobia remain a part of our daily lives.

This year's hard-hitting French feature film, Les Vigilantes, follows two young women as they become vigilantes, and the documentary Out in the Night bears witness to the judicial struggles of a group of African American lesbians as they are unfairly dragged through the courts for standing up to their attacker.
Out in the Night
Out in the Night
Sunday, November 1st at 5pm

Relish and rejoice in the return of the porn film screening, in a new format this year with a series of surprising and exhilarating shorts including the how-to Crash Pad's Guide to Fisting.

Crash Pad's Guide to Fisting
Crash Pad's Guide to Fisting
Friday, October 30 at 10pm
Girltrash: All Night Long
Girltrash: All Night Long
Saturday, October 31 at 7.30pm
The Foxy Merkins
The Foxy Merkins
Friday, October 30 at 7.30pm
Treat yourself to the wild and hilarious feature films Girltrash: All Night Long , with actresses from the cult series L Word and The Foxy Merkins by the director of another crazy festival favorite, Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same.

Marvel at the stunning performance of drag kings from all over France, coming to strut their stuff in a big way before the screening of Chriss Lag's new film, Parole de king !

Parole de king !
Saturday, October 31 at 10pm
Parole de king !
© 2014 Gilles Rammant
Delight in the now legendary must-see shorts with not one, not two, but three whole screenings, chock-filled to the brim with all sorts for all tastes.

In short, three and a half days that we hope will be rich in reflection and thought, emotion and shared moments.

Once upon a time... this year, the Transmission Commission is revisiting Tales and Legends!

Fairer Fairy Tales
Fairer Fairy Tales (30 minutes)

For a special event on the theme of "from orality to image", we will start by welcoming actress Typhaine D., who will present her vision of tales and legends.

Author, actress, director and drama teacher, Typhaine D. will read excerpts from her show, Fairer Fairy Tales: fairy-tale heroines tell their stories from their own point of view. A feminist show about fighting male violence against women and children.

The show will be followed by three short films:

  • Princesses by Valérie Mréjen (5 minutes)
  • Bluebeard by Alice Anderson (15 minutes)
  • Amelia Rose Towers by Jackie Farkas (10 minutes) which was selected for both the 6th and 10th editions of our festival.
Princesses Bluebeard Amelia Rose Towers

These should fire up your imagination, before going on a journey yourselves, thanks to a surprise/bonus that will be announced at the opening screening. Don't forget your cell phones!

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