Awards of the 6th Festival 1994

Audience Awards

Go Fish
Feature film

Go Fish

by Rose Troche

Warrior Marks

Medium-length documentary

Three ex-aequo

Warrior Marks
by Pratibha Parmar

Long Time Comin'
by Dionne Brand

Dream Girls
by Kim Longinotto and Jano Williams


Short fiction film

by Karin Albou

Danke, Es Hat Mich Sehr Gefreut


Danke, Es Hat Mich Sehr Gefreut
by Mara Mattuschka

ex aequo with

Sex Fish
by E.T., Baby and Maniac

Screenplay Competition

The first screenplay competition's prize (10 000 F for production financing) whom theme was "Strange, foreigner" went to Emmanuelle Adélie.

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