Awards of the 7th Festival 1995

Audience Awards

Life is a Woman
Feature film

Life is a Woman
by Shanna Serikbajewa

La perfection au féminin

Short fiction film

La perfection au féminin
by Valentine Perrin

Poster Competition

Poster of the 7th Festival 1995 designed by Stéphane Pineau

Stéphane Pineau

Winner of this first poster contest, Stéphane Pineau is a costume designer for theater, film and dance.

Screenplay Competition

The second screenplay competition's prize (10 000 F for production financing)
went to Agnes Nageotte, film student, for her graduation film project.

Lesbia Magazine Award

The Happy Gordons (short documentary, UK, 1994) by Paula Crickard was awarded the Lesbia Magazine Prize of 7 000 F. Lesbia's jury has decided to give a second surprise prize 3 000 F to Cowboy Jesus (short fiction film, USA, 1995) by Jamie Yerkes.

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