Awards of the 11th Festival 1999

Audience Awards

Revoir Julie
Feature film

Revoir Julie

by Jeanne Crépeau

The Righteous Babes

Feature length documentary

The Righteous Babes

by Pratibha Parmar

Short documentary

L'Origine du monde, le retour
by Anne Julien

Short fiction film

Kalin's Prayer
by DeSales

Poster Competition

Poster of the 11th Festival 1999 designed by Isabelle Chasles

Isabelle Chasles

The 5th poster competition was won by Isabelle Chasles.

Screenplay Competition

Cineffable has awarded the prize of 10 000 F to help film production to Ta clowne by Isabelle Thillien. This short film was presented during the 13th festival.

CEL (Centre Evolutif Lilith from Marseille) Award

The CEL has attributed a prize of 5 000 F to Louise Lemoine-Torrès's No Comment (short fiction, France, 1998).
Special mention was given to Les Filles de Zapata (short documentary, France, 1997)
by Jo Béranger and Doris Buttignol.

Lesbia Magazine Award

Rapido Finale Con Passione (short fiction, Italy, 1998) by Luki Massa was awarded the Lesbia Magazine Prize of 8 000 F.
Special mention was given to Living with Pride: Ruth Ellis @ 100 (documentary, USA, 1999) by Yvonne Welbon.

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